Why did I choose the Copilot’in model?

I chose the Copilot’in model because it focuses on the person as a whole (spirit, heart, body, mind) to engage each collaborator of a team, for its pragmatic and action/result oriented tools and finally, for the human and congruent qualities of the Copiloter network.


Who am I?

I am Lilian Faucherre, a certified Engineer and Coach, professional trainer, and Supply Chain consultant.

I provide support for individuals and companies to reveal their full potential, develop their talents, increase their performances, and transform themselves.

Thanks to my 10 years of experience at Procter & Gamble, the solving of complex issues, and management of high-stake clients do not scare me. Positive and curious, I approach my work with enthusiasm and a communicative energy.

My area of intervention

The PACA region in face to face;
everywhere in remote work.

My assets

10 years of field experience as a leader and manager in Supply Chain.


French – English – Spanish

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