The Stages

The Copilot’in model is carried out in several stages both face to face and remotely. It all starts with the preparation and discussion phase, once we agree we move on to the action phase!

Preparation by your side

1/ A first discussion to understand your need

All relationship begins with a first contact. We believe it is important for you and for us to be able to communicate and share together before taking action. We want to share upstream with you to understand your needs, those of the company, those of your teams and yours; as well as the solutions that you have already implemented. We will also explain to you our philosophy and our methods and the way we operate.

After this first meeting, if you want to work with us then let’s go, we will set up the model in your company!

2/ Meeting with the whole team

As explained above, everything starts with a first contact and the same goes for your teams. We will take the time to introduce ourselves and to observe and listen before taking action.

The co-pilot in action with you and your teams

The co-pilot is a coach, a trainer, a consultant and a challenger! He brings methods, tools and above all he provides support to the manager and his teams in the heart of action. All the co-pilots are present in the operational.

3/ Onboarding the team

That’s it, we start the process together with you. The first step is to get the team on board, and start by setting the frame and this two-fold:

– First, explain and implement the 4 components of high performing, operational and connected team

– Secondly, explain and implement the 4 agreements based on Toltec wisdom as a code of good functioning

These steps are done during workshops and collective discussions.

4/ Create the road-map to progress

Now that the teams understand the challenges and their role in the changes to come; it is time for us to define:

– The objectives and KPIs

– The tactical actions to achieve them

Now we have our common roadmap, we can take action!

5/ ensure the achievement of objectives

We understand that everyone’s schedules are busy and we do not want to take over all the production time. So we act efficiently and regularly (1 to 2 times a month) that’s what we call stopover meetings at Copilot’in.

Each stopover is a ritual to:
– Monitor performance through KPI
– Set the actions and remove obstacles
– Promote the 4 elements of the whole person to boost the power of the team

6/ You no longer need us, it’s simple, just tell us!

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