Who are we ?

Copilot’in is a coaching model based on scientific research and studies done within organisations. The model was created by Virginie Ténart and Claire Giraud after 30 years of experience in consulting.

The Founders 

The copilotin co-founders Virginie Ténart and Claire Giraud

Copilot’in: the best of 30 years of experience 


During our 30 years of experience, we have provided support to more than 500 companies in management and customer relationship.

We have seen how important it is for you, as a manager, to first, reach your goals, and also to be able to count upon everyone, managers, teams, etc.

Additionally, we have observed how applying the discipline to materialise is extremely difficult to maintain over time. 

So we devised another way of doing our job and be useful: to be by your side, both feet firmly on the ground with your team to co-pilot the performance and growth of your business.


Our contribution

“Allowing executives, managers, teams to create the power to act and to have the joy of success! !”

Our corporate values


One of our essential values and every day we take care to exchange with respect whether among co-pilots, with our customers or partners.


Because humility is simply the basic element of questioning, to grow and progress even further.


We appreciate working together in a spirit of mutual support, reciprocity and complementarity.


We implement and promote it within teams to ensure a  relationship conducive to performance, freedom of expression, sharing and positive momentum. We also use it with our customers and service providers to guarantee quality and lasting relationships.

Our area of intervention

We operate throughout France, Reunion Island and Mauritius. Even if you are not in one of these areas, you can still contact us, there is always a solution! !

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